Drawing Winner by Text! 3 Day Texas Hog Hunt

$ 99.00 $ 1,198.00

Congratulations! Your Name has been drawn for our Hog Hunt Monthly Drawing!

(If you have been drawn for a hunt within the last 3 years, you are not eligible to claim this hunt.)

All hunts purchased are to be used on the same trip.

Only 1 drawing winner per group allowed on the ranch at the same time. Multiple drawing winners in the same party will have to book the hunt dates for different trips/times.

Or you can upgrade and use multiple winners on the same trip for $175 per hunter for the additional hunters; see checkout to purchase this option.


You have 14 days from the notice of winning the drawing to take advantage of this offer, or the runner-up will be assigned the winning if you do not claim within 14 days.


3 Days - 2 Nights - Shoot Unlimited Hogs & Sizes - Texas is Over-Run with Wild Hogs

Available start days are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun Start Days Only - NO FRIDAY START DAYS (Limited Openings During Summer)

Meals & Lodging Included


Wild Boar Hunt Package: Regular $799 per hunter

This is a 3 day, 2 night wild hog hunt package,

and Includes:


  • Bunkhouse (Shared Accommodations)

  • Meal Package (5 Delicious Buffet Style Meals)

  • Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat, or Mountain lion. We only see a few mountain lion per year, but we want them shot on sight!)

  • Day & Night Hunting Sessions

  • Gun Range

  • Spot & Stalk Hunting

  • Night Hunting

  • Blind over Bait Hunting

  • Bathhouse & Hot Showers

  • And a lifetime of memories

    Not Included:

      • Hunting license ($48 non-resident, $25 for resident, and $10 for under 17 yrs old @ Walmart/HEB)

      • Guide/Staff Fee $100 per hunter, Due at Check-In (Cash Only at Ranch)

      • Hog Cleaning: $1/lb. with a $50 minimum per hog. Includes retrieval from the field, gutting, skinning, packing with Ice in your cooler (Ice $5/bag). It is required that only ranch staff does all animal cleaning.


      • Non-Hunters can be added for $250 ea. 

      • Private Rooms w/ Bathroom ($100 per Hunter - Min. 2)

      • Private Rooms w/o bath ($75 per Hunter - Min. 2)

      • Honey Hole Access ($50 - 2 Sessions)

      • Wild Hog Sausage Swap: $2.50 lb. live weight (30%-35% yield - for example 100 lb. hog yields 30 - 35 lb.s meat/sausage)

      • Gratuity for your staff. (Recommended minimum of $50 per hunter)

                Schedule your hunt date after you purchase this deal!

                Click the Calendar link Below:

                -> Calendar <-

                Please Fill out your Release of Liability and bring it filled out to the ranch. This is required by all persons attending the ranch. You will not be allowed to enter the ranch property if you do not have this form in hand at the gate. Please don't forget.

                ->  Click Here:

                Bonus!! Bring a group of at least 6 hunters, and we will add 1 monster hog hunt at no cost! This is fully guided and you are guaranteed a hog weighing over 300 lbs! This is in addition to your other purchased hunt. Only 1 bonus monster hog per group.


                Check-In time is 3 PM on day of arrival, and Check-Out is 1 PM on the 3rd day.

                Check in days are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun (No Friday Check-Ins) 3 day hunt is 46 clock hours.

                The first hunt on the first day is a night hunt. The second day includes 4 hunting sessions, and the last day includes an early morning hunt. The 3 day hunt will consist of 6 different hunting sessions. 

                If after carefully reading this website and you still have a question, please call the Ranch Boss at 832-419-6151 

                Check Out Our Photo Gallery 

                Listen to What Other Hunters are Saying! We got the Hogs!


                Hog Hunting Weapons Allowed

                • Shotguns with Slugs

                • Rifles (min. .223 w 60 grain hollow point bullet)

                • Weapon must be sighted in

                • 30 yard to 80 yard shots

                • Pistols (Self Defense & Finishing Shots)

                • Bow and Arrow, Crossbow

                • Tripod Stands Avail for Day & Night Bow Hunting


                Types of Hunting Available

                • Night Hunting in Blinds over bait

                • Early Morning Predator Hunts

                • Walk and Stalk Hog Hunting in Teams

                • Swamp Hog Hunting - Ground Blinds (Honey Hole)

                • Guided Night Vision Hunts

                • Safari Style Monster Hog & Exotic/Ram hunts

                • 80-90% Success Rate

                • Can Accommodate Large Parties 15+

                • Hog Sizes 25 lb. - 450 lb.+ (Average Size is 70 lb. - 140 lb.)


                What to Bring

                • Weapon

                • Ammo

                • Cash Only at Ranch

                • Appropriate weather clothing

                • Extra Snacks (Alcohol Allowed)

                • Sleeping bag, bedroll, pillow, blanket

                • (limited bedding available)

                • Toiletries and towels

                • (Hot Showers Avail.)

                • Hunter Orange Hat & Vest

                • Flashlight

                • 40-50 lb. Bag of Cracked Corn (2 bags per hunter) Can be purchased at Walmart/Feedstore



                Day 1

                3:00 PM Arrival

                • Check-In (Release of Liability)

                • Request Honey Hole

                • Request Private Cabin/Room w Bath

                3:30 PM

                • Drop Bait at Trailer

                • Bring Coolers to Skinning Rack

                • Unpack & Unload

                • Park back in Designated area

                4:25 PM Orientation 

                5:00 PM Dinner

                5:15 - 5:45 Gun Range Open

                6:00 PM Go To Blinds

                • Please Observe Shooting Lanes

                • Do not move or turn around Chairs

                • Do not walk away from blind hunting area

                9:45 PM Exit Blind

                Day 2

                6:30 AM Go to Same Blind

                9:00 AM  Breakfast

                9:15 - 9:45AM Gun Range Open

                9:20 AM Leave for Honey Hole

                (Be on main road Early ready to leave)

                10:00 AM

                • 6 - 12 Mile Walk and Stalk

                • Wait in Parking Area

                • Orange On w/ Guns inhand; unloaded

                1:00 PM Lunch

                1:15 PM Leave for Honey Hole

                2:00 PM Walk and Stalk (Switch Sides)

                5:00 PM Dinner

                5:15 - 5:45 Gun Range Open

                6:00 PM Go to Blinds (Baited Nightly)

                9:45 PM Please Exit Blind

                Day 3

                6:30 AM Return to Same Blind

                9:00 AM Breakfast

                10:00 AM

                • Settle Up

                • Check Out 

                • Pack Meat/Sausage

                (Please Check Meat before leaving - It is Customers Responsibility to make sure all meat is packed)

                General Rules

                • Exotics Animals May Eat Bait - Do Not Approach or Disturb - Hogs Can Come Later

                • Call Staff immediately upon harvest of animal. Do not Wait!

                • Do not leave trash in blinds or on ground

                • No driving around other than directly to blind

                • No hunting after 9:45 pm

                • Keep weapons in vehicle

                • Load weapons at blind or in the field

                • No Weapons in Camp

                • Do Not move/turn around Chairs

                • Observe Marked Shooting Lanes

                • 3 round rule, clean methodical kill shots, no "pray n spray"

                • Shots to the Head and/or neck only (Body shots may lose meat)


                Flying To Independence Ranch

                Flights are getting more affordable everyday. Many of our hunters take advantage of the speed and convenience of flying into Texas to hog hunt! Check Google Flights for some amazing deals.

                Cheap Flight Tips

                • Check multiple dates and multiple Airport Departure and Arrival Locations (SAT, AUS, IAH, HOU) 

                • Check Discount Airlines: Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant, Southwest


                1 Hour - Austin (AUS)

                1 Hour - San Antonio (SAT)

                3 Hour - Houston (IAH)

                2 Hour - Houston Hobby Southwest (HOU)

                4 Hour - Dallas (DAL)

                4 Hour - Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

                Ground Transportation

                Car Rental


                Check with kitchen staff

                Meat Storage & Transport

                • Please let skinners know if you want to ship meat via Air

                • Airline Ready Coolers Avail $30 (50 lbs.)

                • Deboning (Recommended) $25 per Pig

                • Meat Frozen - No Ice Needed

                How to Schedule a Hunt?
                Once purchased: 1.) Click on Calendar Tab 2.) Click on yellow button “Schedule Here” 4.) Put yourself on your START DATE only.
                Experience the "insane fun" of night vision/thermal hog hunts in the honey hole, the lowest part of the ranch filled to the brim with Wild Texas Hogs!!

                Game Available




                Wild Pigs

                Types Of Hunting

                Stationary Hunting

                Spot and Stalk Style Hunting